In the news the last year has been the issue of immigration and refugees. No matter your feeling on the issue, there is one definite- they are coming and they are here! As we talked about this past Sunday at Hope, we have an unmistakable opportunity to help those who can’t help themselves. That is what we must focus on and remember that we are to love people like Jesus did.

Over the last three summers, I had an opportunity to serve with the youth group I was leading in Jackson Heights, Queens. It is considered the most diverse area in the USA, consisting of 75,000+ immigrants from South Asia, Columbia and many other ethnicities all within a half mile radius. The ministry we worked with is called Urban Nations Outreach. It was started by director Larry Holmcomb not long after 9-11. He knew that at the moment of the tragedy, the Muslim population would be a group many would want nothing to do with. So he took action and set up this ministry to reach them with the love of Jesus.

Urban Nations uses many practical ways of sharing Jesus with new immigrants to the US. One of the areas I was involved with was teaching English to new immigrants. They are open with the immigrants that they are Christian and in more advanced classes, they use the Bible to help teach English and have discussions on faith. They also provide coats, computer classes and many many more needs of new immigrants. They are seeing the need – meeting the need – and sharing Jesus with them.

I cannot say enough about this ministry and it gave me a deeper love for those that God is bringing to us. It started when people decided to love people like Jesus, bring justice into a tense time in our nation, meet that need and in the process share Jesus.

I ask this- what area of need in our area do you feel passionate about that you could help bring change to? What might happen if you choose to step up, meet the need and be Jesus to those in need? Lastly- what is holding you back from doing it?

He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you
But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God
Micah 6:8